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 Below is a map showing where the claim is located
it is north of the town of Superior, AZ

Asking price for this placer claim is $4,999.00

AMC 390671

This is one of the most Beautiful Part's of Arizona!

This 160 acre placer mining claim is for sale in the magnificent Superstition Mountains of south central Arizona. This claim is located approximately six miles south of the Superstition Wilderness in northeastern Pinal County and about forty miles east of Phoenix.

Now if you're looking for a place to hang out, … hide out … from in-laws, outlaws or whoever, this just might be the claim for you. This is the perfect place to watch the sun set or rise, if you're into getting up before breakfast.

There are a bunch of old mines to explore in the area with gold, yes gold, silver and copper, and other minerals to be found. Mile after mile of hiking, ATV, Jeep and horseback trails to follow and investigate. This claim is just a fantastic spot to prospect, metal detect or just kick back and enjoy the solitude and privacy you will achieve here.

Specifics About This Claim:

A normally dry, seasonal stream flows from north to south through the claim, fed by winter and summer rains. This seasonal stream will likely provide you with an adequate water supply for mining, testing or camp needs. Non-potable water may also be obtained from nearby seasonal springs. The main drainage and smaller drainage’s are loaded with black sands, a good clue that other heavy metals including gold are nearby. Elevations on the claim range from about 2650' at the top of the butte at the northwest part of the claim to about 2300' at the wash that traverses the claim north to south. This provides a vertical elevation change of 100's of feet. You will need a high centered two wheel drive vehicle to access the claim. Small campers and trailers should make it just fine. The road to the claim runs right through the west side of the claim.

I cannot think of a mountain range anywhere in the world that has the natural beauty, romance, intrigue and mystery that the fabulous Superstitions retain. Just look at a topographic map of the area and note the fascinating points of interest, Hieroglyphic Canyon, Massacre Grounds, Peralta Trail, Weavers Needle, First Water Creek, Geronimo Head, Tortilla Flat, Apache Gap to name a few.

Most folks think of the Superstition Mountains as the home of the fabulously rich Lost Dutchman Mine. This may very well be true. As the story goes Jacob Waltz, a German immigrant discovered a very rich gold mine somewhere in the rugged Superstition Mountain Range in or about 1878. During the next decade Waltz, also known as the Dutchman would make an occasional trip into the mountains and return with a load of extremely rich gold ore. The word got out eventually and soon other prospectors and evil doers attempted to follow Waltz and jump his rich claim. None of these men were successful. Waltz reportedly died of pneumonia in 1891. He was 83 years old. With his death, so died the location of his fabulously rich gold mine. For over 100 years men and women have searched for the Lost Dutchman Mine with no success. The mine remains lost to this day.more gold samples

Visualize the Dutchman leading his harem of faithful??? burros, Carmen, Carmelita and Carlotta across your claim on his way to or from his rich mine. For all we know his lost mine could be located on your claim. The actual location has never been found. The Dutchman was known to say that ‘no miner will find my mine.’ Does that mean that he concealed the location by blasting the opening shut? Or does it mean that the mine is not located within the area most often searched? Who knows!

Most of the volcanic rock flows that comprise the western portion of the Superstitions are barren of known gold mineralization with exception of the Goldfield area. To the east this situation changes considerably. There are many known mines and prospects from the mining town of Superior, northward towards Iron Mountain and eastward. Just take a look at the topo map below to see all the mines in this area. We personally have prospected the area near Iron Mountain for several years (this area is now within the Superstition Wilderness). Here we found gold and extremely rich silver in very old mine workings. Some of these old prospects and mine tunnels could date back to the days when the Peralta families explored and mined the area.

The Apache Gold #6 placer mining claim is located in the NE 1/4 of Section 21, Township 1 South, Range 11 East within the Tonto National Forest, on lands administered by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). The corners are well flagged and marked with metal tags, designating the claim corner and the name of the claim and date (as required by the State of Arizona). Please note that this is an unpatented mining claim meaning that you are purchasing the surface mineral rights only. The Government retains the surface rights. We will provide the buyer with GPS coordinates, allowing you ease in locating the corner posts and the claim lines.

This is an unpatented placer claim, meaning that you can shovel the gold bearing sand and gravel through a dry washer to recover the gold. Or if you are lazy like myself, use a metal detector and hunt for the lunkers. You are purchasing the mineral rights only. The Federal Government owns the land. This 160 acre placer claim consists of approximately 6,969,600 square feet, or 2,640 feet in width by 2,640 feet in length. More than enough area to dig on if you so desire or have the energy. Think of it like this, the average city lot is about 60' by 100', or about 6000 Square Feet. Seven lots will easily fit into one acre. 160 acres equals over an amazing 1,160 city lots. How long do you think it will take you to adequately prospect 1,160 city lots?..........

access roadA good, well maintained 2 wheel drive National Forest Service road leads right to the claim. We will supply the winning bidder a topographic map of the area, which is very detailed, and will show the claim boundaries outlined. Several small prospects on mineralized zones, make this claim great for rockhounding, metal detecting, drywashing etc. Gentle rolling hills, small washes with good bedrock exposures and lots of black sands.

Heavy rains have undoubtedly uncovered areas that have never been exposed before. Consider the tremendous force of flood waters moving boulders sometimes as large as a car downstream, freeing gold nuggets that were trapped under the boulders for thousands of years. These nuggets may be re-deposited at the first natural trap they encounter, sometimes under a mere few inches of sand and gravel.

Through the years erosion has attacked the rich gold bearing outcrops and created the gold placer deposits found on this claim. The ground is littered with quartz fragments, some of these are gold bearing, especially the rusty, reddish pieces. Placer gold, mineral rich black sands and gold bearing quartz float have been deposited down slope from these gold rich mines. And continues to do so, everyday, especially following a heavy downpour. A dirt road runs west to east and forks just as it gets onto the claim. One fork leads to the southeast and the other goes northeast past the mine shaft in the picture. A quad, ATV or Jeep type vehicle will make life easier to get around on the claim. Being off the beaten trail, ensures you will have solitude while working this great placer claim. Large, level camp sites for RV’s are found just off the claim to the west.

A high clearance 2 wheel drive can easily get to the claim,
4x4 is preferred. Great for Jeeps, ATV's and pickup trucks.

The main drainage and smaller drainage’s are loaded with black sands, a good clue that other heavy metals including gold are nearby. Elevations on the claim range from about 2720 feet on the hilltop at the northeast end of the claim to about 2350 feet along the wash running through the south part of the claim east to west. With another draining the hills running from the northeast corner of the claim.

So, if you are into prospecting, hiking, exploring, metal detecting, dry washing, camping or hunting, this is a beautiful area.

There are no other costs to the buyer. We will pay all transfer costs.
The Federal Government owns the land.
You are purchasing the mineral rights only.
You will need to pay the annual fee's due by September 1st, 2008
There is NO running water. Just rain runoff.

NE 1/4 Section 21, Township 1 S., Range 11 E., Gila & Salt River Base and Meridian, Arizona

map of Apache Gold 6 ClaimApache Gold 6 Claim

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